I did not seek professional help, yet.

There are valid reasons as to why one should seek professional help when struggling with mental illness. A professional will definitely guide you in the right direction in terms of thinking, behaviour etc. You will know where to start and what is wrong with your way of reasoning. You have someone on your side no matter what. You will make progress in a much more organised way.

Having said all these, I must admit that I never took any professional help except for a very one off emergency counselling session. It did not go well.I left feeling more invalidated and the opinions of the counsellor made it much more hard for me to overcome my trauma. So a right counsellor/therapist matters the most too. I never took professional help because I was not aware for a long time that I needed help and when I realised I do need help, I found therapy to be unaffordable.

Also the intensity of how much my life was getting affected because of my mental health made an influence too I guess. I was getting by fine at least in the worldly sense. Little did I know, how disconnected I was from what I was feeling inside. I was ignorant and avoidant for a very long time.

And most of all, the shame or taboo associated with mental health played a role too. My family was not aware of mental illness at all. My mother never understood or cared to understand as to why my brother suffered from depression. In fact, she made me feel so much shame for feeling depressed and asked if I was okay because an “astrologer” told her that I was going to become “mental”! The audacity of that woman!

Anyway the conclusion of it all is that I would like to seek professional help sooner or later. I have been avoiding it intentionally and practically.

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