Blessed are the doers.

I am envious of people who get things done. Especially if they do things for others. It is the most adult thing according to me because I get exhausted by just taking care of my needs. Also it gives me that aura that they know something about life that I missed out on. Somehow they feel more whole and seem to live life fuller.

There are handful of people around me who give me that vibe.My brother is one such person. Despite coming from the same family that gave so much grief, for us to carry around, he still became that solid person for so many people around him – especially for his kid. Sometimes I get that feel from random strangers too.

There are some common characteristics in all these people whom I consider as doers too that I notice. They worry a lot less about others opinion, they all carve out a more authentic life in their own ways rather than following a laid out path, they carry on living life despite all the doubts and uncertainties they face, they never seem to lose their temper and above all they seem to accept others around them as they are and never try to infringe on their way of life.

So if there is something I am willing to work on despite the hopelessness I feel everyday, it will be on how to become that person who is reliable enough for others and through which I will be able to go on live a fuller life.

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